Posted on 6/17/2020

30A Green Thumb Guide

Far and away from the thongs of manic beach traffic, beyond the familiar concocted smell of fish guts, diesel fuel, and suntan lotion – there's another place. It's quieter. Local celebrity, businessman, and the all-around good guy, Jeff Archer is quoted to have said our area is like a "Natural Disneyland." Any place you go here, you're usually less than 50 feet away from natural beauty. It starts at the beach, extends deep to the green waters of the Gulf, and north to our untouched forests, teeming with flora and fauna. A vacation here can truly be an organic, life-giving experience. If you've got a green thumb or enjoy either growing, preparing, or let's say eating delicious things, this place called 30A was made for you. Here are a few green, fun things to keep you busy in between beach walks and long talks. Enjoy!

Clay 30A 

The first place you got to see, many may say a magical place, is Clay 30A. Rows and rows of plants of every variety, in every direction, this one is a feast for the eyes and the nose alike as so many fragrances and colors abound. Clay offers a rich level of plants but an even deeper level of guidance and know-how of soil types and microenvironments. In this way, they are as much a brilliant resource for casual passers as they are for seasoned traveling horticulturists. If you need a plant, an unforgettable stroll, or just some pointed landscaping conversations, this is the spot. In addition to the plants, there are gardening supplies, local artwork, and honestly, just peachy places to sit a spell here at Clay 30A (extra points for rhyming).

Eden Gardens State Park

Of all shaded dark green forests in South Walton, few feature the majestic ancient oaks and antebellum-style landscaping of Eden Gardens State Park. The park sits on the historic Wesley Homestead, the home for tours, and is a palpable taste of the South. The grounds have the signature of that way of life. Amazing to behold, 100 feet around or more, with outstretched branches, nature's strength is on full display. Over a mile of hiking trails that meander through the forest and along the bay are yours to explore. There's a quaint dock for fishing, and picnic areas can be found around every bend.

Rosemary Famers Market

Is there a better way to spend your Saturday morning? Local Farmers Markets can be found just about every weekend in many of the local beach communities. There is simply none cuter or quainter than the Rosemary Farmers Market. Held right downtown, you can find lots of flowers, produce, meats and foodstuffs here. It's a great place to walk and talk and see meet farmers and sellers in the area. Interestingly, you may want to bring seeds and plants of your own to this market. Small plants and seeds are trade and shaped here among the farmers, and if you have brought some with you, they will gladly trade. All in all, it's a great place to meet green-minded folks!

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