Getting Around 30A

30A is an area that is comprised of some of the most charming and beautiful towns on the Gulf Coast in Florida. While simply sitting in one place at your vacation rental enjoying the amazing sights and sounds of the area is a great way to spend a whole week, you will benefit immensely from exploring this beautiful area. There are many ways in which you can get around 30A, picking the best method of transportation is more dependent upon what you want to do while you are here!

The Turtle Express

This trolley provides one of the best methods of navigating 30A for visitors and locals alike. Between 12 pm and 12 am, you can hop the trolley and cruise one of the most beautiful highways in the country. Think Pacific Coast Highway with a Gulf Coast twist. While each stop along the trolley’s route offers the same beauty and beach vibe, each one brings something unique, so imply riding the trolley all day will result in a day well spent. The Turtle Express runs from Dune Allen to Seaside, and the best part is it is FREE!

Off the Beaten Path

Navigating Highway 30A is made incredibly easy by the Turtle Express, but getting off of the historic highway requires a little more planning. One of the best ways to get around 30A for groups of any size is through the services of Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine. A massive fleet of vehicles and 24-hour reservations makes it incredibly easy to find the perfect transportation for your group. Renting your own car is another great way to maximize the time that you have in 30A. While the highway provides amazing experiences, there is so much to enjoy outside of it in this incredible area!

Walking, Biking, Even Roller Blading

If you are staying in a South Walton vacation rental, odds are that you are in the heart of the action on 30A. This affords the perfect opportunity to enjoy a more peaceful mode of transportation. Riding bikes along the beach and throughout the towns of 30A is likely to be one of the most fulfilling experiences you have during your vacation. The weather is perfect, the sights are amazing, and there is a unique and palpable culture in each and every neighborhood.

The great thing about this area is you are never far away from amazing beauty and fun. However, planning your transportation just a little bit can go a long way in ensuring you get everything you can out of your 30A vacation!