When are the Best Times to Visit 30A?

The beaches of South Walton are an area where time seems to stand still. No matter the time or the season, it always seems to be the perfect place to ride along the boardwalk on a bike, swim in the Gulf, and pursue all of your favorite summertime activities. So when is the best time to visit 30A? Well, in short, anytime is the best time to visit 30A. But, based on the preferences of your group, you may find incredible opportunities during specific times of the year.

The Peace of Winter

December through February offers a very special opportunity for those looking to enjoy amazing beauty while reflecting. Visiting 30A during this time, you will feel as if the beaches were put there solely for your enjoyment. The town is a little quieter, the Gulf is as beautiful as ever. While there can be days when it feels like winter as cold fronts blow past, you can count on many days throughout this month when you can enjoy endless sunshine. This is a time when rental rates get very low, but there is of course plenty to do and see!

30A Comes to Life in the Spring

The energy that comes with spring and the month of March is something that you have to see to believe. You won’t find the typical college party crowds in droves out here as you will in nearby Destin or Pensacola, but the activities are endless, along with the sunshine. March comes with many events, like the 30A Wine Festival and the Seaside Half Marathon, but it is not until April when you can be sure you will have warm and sunny days every single day. Finally, May could be the best month to visit for those that are looking to sit on a warm beach without the incredible crowds that come in June and throughout the summer.

Summer is the High Season

If you are judging the best time to visit 30A based on how many people come, then June and July are the best times to visit. This is the perfect time to visit for those that are looking for endless activities (many of them free) that bring massive crowds and unparalleled energy.

Fall Brings Summer Weather Without Summer Crowds

As you start getting into the month of September, the crowds will have largely gone, but that amazing warm weather is here to stay. You can enjoy a quieter, more secluded experience with the same amazing beach time. And October comes with the very best sunsets that the Gulf Coast has to offer.

There is something for everyone, and in 30A, there is a season for everyone. You are guaranteed to have a nice time here regardless of when you come, but you may be able to find the perfect time to come for you and your group, based on this ebb and flow of the seasons in 30A. Our 30A cottage rentals are a home away from home that will welcome you warmly regardless of the season.