Posted on 5/21/2020

30A Beach Rules

Everyone loves a good beach vacation. But to ensure everyone enjoys their vacation, it is important to follow the rules for whatever beach you’re visiting. The 30A beaches in South Walton have rules in place to ensure that everyone stays safe, has a good time, and makes memories.

Here are some general rules to keep in mind before visiting 30A!

Alcohol is permitted on 30A beaches for anyone of legal drinking age. You can have an open container; however, glass containers are not allowed on the beaches. This ensures the safety of all our visitors, and also helps maintain the pristine beauty of the beach. We want you to enjoy your drink, but be conscientious of the rules so that all of our beachgoers can have a good time.

Dogs are not allowed on the beaches for vacation renters. Only locals may apply for a dog permit.

Vehicles are not allowed on the beaches for vacation renters. Only locals may apply for a vehicle permit.

Tents and beach canopies are permitted on the beach, but must be no larger than 10’ x 10’. Place tents on the upper 1/3 of the beach, away from the water, and allowing 15’ for emergency vehicles.

Sand dunes in South Walton act as a natural barrier for storms and storm surges. Protect the dunes and dune vegetation by staying off of them.

Bonfires are allowed on 30A beaches, as long as the proper permit is obtained. You may apply for an open-fire permit through the South Walton Fire District between 8 am and 4 pm during the week. Be sure to put out and clean up any bonfire by 1 am. 

Camping overnight is prohibited on 30A beaches.

Fireworks are not permitted.

Propane grills that are smaller than 225 square inches (approximately 16” x 20”) are allowed on the beach. However, charcoal grills are not permitted.

Sea turtles are protected by law. Do not kill, harm, or disturb the nest of a sea turtle.

Weddings and events are allowed on the beaches, as long as the proper permits have been obtained.

Leave no trace. This means leaving the beach as clean (or cleaner) than how you found it. It means making it seem like you were never even there. Pack up your belongings and take them with you when you leave the beach every day. Pick up all garbage and put it in the trash containers or take it with you. Do not dig any holes. Do not remove any vegetation, sand, or water from the beach. Leaving no trace ensures a safe environment not only for beach visitors, but also for the sea turtles.

In addition to these general rules, it is important to understand the beach flag system to ensure your safety while on vacation.

  • Double red flag – Dangerous conditions; water is closed to the public
  • Red flag – High hazard; high surf and/or strong currents
  • Yellow flag – Moderate surf and/or currents
  • Green flag – Calm conditions
  • Purple flag – Dangerous marine life
  • White/blue flag – temporary technical issues; text "SAFETY" to 31279 for flag conditions

Questions about beach rules and regulations? Contact us for answers. Our team is made up of local experts, who can help make sure your 30A vacation is the best it can be.

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