Why You Need to Go to Borago

Italian food is the best food! And Scenic Highway 30A is home to an amazing Italian restaurant that is a must-try when you’re in town.

Located in laidback Grayton Beach, Borago is a classic Italian restaurant that offers delicious and traditional fare that transports your tastebuds to the heart of Italy. Since it first opened in 2000, this trattoria has been a favorite of both locals and vacationers. With an incredible menu and signature drinks, it has been voted a 30A hotspot on multiple occasions. Michael Dragon and Mark Anton, the restaurant’s chef/owner duo, continue to make this restaurant a must-visit spot, even 20 years later!

Dragon is a New Yorker, who developed a passion for culinary exploration when he was young. He was New York’s top culinary student in 1990, and later served a banquet internship that enhanced his cooking prowess and foodservice operation skills. After school, he worked with a leading chef in South Carolina, where he also met his future business partner, Mark Anton. Anton worked at an island resort kitchen, which fueled his love for food preparation. Though Anton initially took a job in the British Virgin Islands, Dragon convinced him to come back to the states. The two chefs worked together at an American Asian restaurant in Alabama before following their dream to start their own restaurant in South Walton. They bought the Borago restaurant in 2000, and together created the charming restaurant that everyone has grown to love today.

Borago’s menu is mouthwateringly delicious. Like all Italian food, the dishes are simple but full of flavor. Popular menu items include the Grouper Nicoise (a blend of Italian cuisine and Gulf influence), Cornmeal Dusted Calamari, Tomato Bisque, Angel Hair Pasta with Pan-Seared Shrimp, Three Meat Bolognese, and Roasted Eggplant Lasagna. Cocktails are expertly concocted, and the bartenders even squeeze fresh juice daily, which adds delicate flavor to every meal.

The trattoria features a dining room with an open kitchen, a screened porch dining area, and a full bar. At least one of the owner/chefs (if not both) can be found in the kitchen each evening. The chefs and staff ensure patrons are provided with authentic cuisine and quality service. The dedication to their dining guests is so great that it brings back customers again and again and again. One repeat customer said, “Borago is our family’s go-to Italian restaurant on 30A and has been for years. Excellent service, and the food is outstanding. You won’t be disappointed!” Other positive reviews boast that the eggplant lasagna and calamari are amazing, the food appeals to eaters of all ages, and the staff is excellent and accommodating.

Everyone loves the atmosphere and the food, and that is all the recommendation needed to know that you, too, need to give Borago a try! We offer a variety of rentals in Grayton Beach, which will place you and your fellow vacationers nearby this hot dining spot. And if you’re in the area, there’s no reason to skip an evening of fine dining at Borago. Book your vacation and make sure to leave space in your schedule for a night of the best Italian food you’ve ever tasted!

Photo courtesy of sowal.com