Who is Dr. Beach - And Why Does He Love Grayton So Much?

Stephen Leatherman has been releasing a list of the United States Top 10 Beaches for over 25 years. Better known by his nationally recognized moniker “Dr. Beach,” Leatherman ranks beaches yearly based on a guideline he has developed of 50 factors. These factors include items like beach width, sand softness, and water health, but also include details like public safety, noise, and available amenities. Aside from being an avid beach goer, Dr. Beach is a real Doctor and he is the Director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research at Florida International University, making him an expert on the topic to say the least. While Dr. Beach’s list is usually filled with beaches from Hawaii, South Florida, California, and the coastal Carolinas, over the past few years one of South Walton’s finest has also found itself among the prestigious ranks.

Drumroll please…

Our very own Grayton Beach State Park has been making the list for years now!

Grayton Beach State Park is a nature lover’s paradise serving as the home to a stretch of white sandy beaches, wooded nature trails shaded by towering pines, rare coastal dune lakes, and a multitude of wildlife. Sugar soft crystalline sand? Check. Emerald green water? Check. Protected sand dunes dominating the landscape? Check. Amenities and restaurants nearby? Check. You name it, Grayton Beach has it! South Walton has recently paid more attention to safety management and public health through their multitude of clean beach campaigns, including prohibiting smoking, which has helped Grayton Beach jump the ranks again.

Dr. Beach has visited all 650 public beaches of the United States, and frequents his annual winners a couple of times a year. His list is comprehensive, but the takeaway is simple- Grayton Beach is the place to be! From the old timey beach cottage to the magnificent beachfront mansion, we represent more properties in Grayton Beach than any other company in the area. Pick one out and drive on down to see what all the talk is about. We are confident that Grayton Beach will also make your own personal list of top US beaches.