Where to Recycle on 30A

Where to Recycle on 30A

There’s a reason why the beaches of South Walton are a top tourist destination. Not only do the emerald waves and white-sand coast offer picturesque scenery, but they’re clean as well. Thanks to the efforts of locals and vacationers who pick up their trash and recycle, our Destin and 30A beaches remain pristine for everyone to enjoy! Throwing away your trash and recycling your plastics and other reusable goods help the beach keep its untouched beauty and reduces plastic pollution.

If you’re vacationing on 30A, you might be wondering how you can contribute to keeping our beaches spotless. One way is, of course, by recycling. Walton County has several recycling drop-off locations, with a couple convenient to Scenic Highway 30A. Here, you can drop off a variety of your recyclable vacation goods, including #1 and # 2 plastics, aluminum cans, metal, paper, and corrugated cardboard. Note that glass is not accepted and should be disposed of in your vacation rental garbage cans. Additionally, only place recyclable materials in recycling bins. Adding non-recyclable trash can contaminate the whole lot, rendering it all unrecyclable. During or after your stay, be sure to check out these recycling locations on 30A so you can do your part in helping to keep our beaches picture-perfect and trash-free!

Rosemary Beach (107 North Winston Lane, Rosemary Beach)

The Rosemary Beach recycle drop-off area is located a short distance from Highway 98 and close to the Rosemary Fitness Center. This is a convenient site for those staying in Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, or Alys Beach. You can also drop off your recyclables before heading out for a shopping trip at the upscale 30Avenue shopping center nearby.

South Walton Courthouse Annex (31 Coastal Centre Blvd, Santa Rosa Beach)

This recycle drop-off site is located on Highway 331, a short drive north from Scenic Highway 30A and Highway 98. The South Walton Courthouse Annex is a great spot to drop off your plastic and paper goods before heading home after your beach vacation. You can find the bin in a vacant lot off the roundabout.

Corner of Moll Dr/Hwy 98 (42 Moll Drive, Santa Rosa Beach)

Just south of Highway 98 and about two miles north of the Ed Walline Beach Access, you will find another one of South Walton’s recycling drop-off sites. Its convenient location is great for visitors staying anywhere along 30A.

Topsail State Park (7525 W County Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach)

On the western edge of 30A, there is yet another convenient recycle drop-off location. This one is near the Topsail State Park entrance, so if you’re going there to explore anyway, you might as well bring your recyclables with you!

We are proud of the cleanliness of our beaches and know you are too! So, please help us keep them clean by picking up your trash and belongings when you leave the beach and use the Santa Rosa Beach recycling centers during your 30A vacation. Thanks for doing your part to keep our coast pristine so that we all can enjoy them for many years to come!