Tuk Tuk 30A

Tuk Tuk 30A

Tuk Tuk 30A is turning heads as the newest form of micro-transit in South Walton. 30A is renowned for being an easily walkable and bikeable stretch of picturesque beach towns, however, sometimes a car does come in handy. Uber and Lyft are still sparse in our area, and parking can be few and far between in certain spots, and that’s exactly where Tuk Tuk 30A comes to the rescue.

This exotic and fun mode of transportation was inspired by a form of taxi service in India. The founder, who is a part-time South Walton resident, purchased two tuk-tuks after a trip to Europe. Shortly after, while on vacation to our white sandy beaches, he realized that 30A was the perfect place for these electric carts.

Each tuk can fit up to six passengers, and they feature seat belts, color-changing lights, and BlueTooth speakers. These carts are electric, meaning they are eco-friendly while also being quiet enough that conversation can still be had among riders. They are street legal and can reach speeds up to 30mph, making them perfect for zipping around our scenic highway. This is a fun and safe way to still see the sights and feel the outdoor breeze while sitting back and enjoying the ride from A to B.

Ready to ride? All you need to do is download the free Tuk Tuk 30A app from the app store. Just like Uber or Lyft, you’ll be able to book your ride, view wait times, track your tuk, and split fares. Pricing is a $5 starting fee and then continues on at a rate of $1 per minute. The average ride tends to be no more than $20 making this not only convenient but also an economical choice.

From Sunday through Thursday you can book a ride from 10 am to 12 am, and on Friday and Saturday, they operate from 10 am to 2 am. No need to flip a coin on who’s going to be the designated driver tonight, all of you can have fun knowing that you have a safe ride home even if you stay out all night!

There is so much beauty to see, and there are so many fun places to visit in our South Walton area. Tuk Tuk 30A takes away the headache of trying to figure out how you’re going to get there. Stay close to all of the action when you book a stay in one of our 30A condos or homes, and whether you need to go shopping in Seaside, hit the sandy shore in Blue Mountain, or party at AJs in Grayton, Tuk Tuk 30A will get you there in style.