Sea Turtle Book by South Walton Author

Sea Turtles are some of our areas, and the world’s, most beloved sea creatures. It’s always exciting to see marine life up close and personal, and some beach goers are lucky enough to view sea turtles in the water, or observe protected sea turtle nests that are waiting to hatch. Strong efforts have been made to protect these species and preserve the beach and water that they live in, and raising awareness is a crucial first step.

A new book named Shelly the Sea Turtle is making waves in helping educate young children about their responsibility toward protecting marine life. Based on the principle that everybody has a duty to take care of the world and respect the environment, Shelly the Sea Turtle is a book with lessons for those of all ages. Author Lane McDanal and his family have lived in the South Walton area since 2009 and are fortunate to call the beach their backyard. He and his wife have three children and Lane claims that he was mainly inspired to write a book to bring awareness to sea life conservation from reading to his children every night. Beautiful illustrations by Agnus Prajogo make this book special and easy for children 8 and under to enjoy time and time again. Beach lovers of all ages can learn and apply the lessons from this book, not just children!

The lessons from Shelly the Sea Turtle can be applied worldwide, and the book has made a splash in California, North Carolina, and the Bahamas just to name a few places around the globe. Shelly the Sea Turtle can be purchased on Amazon, at major book retailers like Barnes and Noble, as well as local bookstores like Sundog Books in Seaside Square and Hidden Lantern Books in Rosemary Beach.

Important lessons in the book include keeping the water free from plastics, fishing lines, and other harmful items, as well as upholding the keep the beaches “clean, dark, and flat” rule. Protecting the environment is a responsibility carried by all human beings, of all ages and this book promotes learning from early on in an engaging and fun way.

Reserve a stay at one of our many 30A vacation rentals and maybe you will get lucky enough to see these magical creatures up close and personal! Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Shelly the Sea Turtle to ensure that you’re a responsible beach goer while visiting the beautiful beaches that these turtle's call home.