Roux 30A International Dinners

Tucked quaintly into the art district of Grayton Beach, Roux 30A is a small restaurant space bursting at the seams with flavor. Roux 30A is a fine dining establishment of only about 1200 square feet with communal tables in the center and bar seating offering a captivating view of the open kitchen. The restaurant hosts regular weekly events, including Tapas Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Night Dinner Club, and Sushi Sunday. On a traditional night, the venue holds about 34 guests total, ensuring an intimate and personalized dining experience for anybody gathered around the table.

Chef Nikhil is the Chef and owner of Roux 30A, one of his two Grayton Beach dining establishments. He says that he remembers rolling Indian flatbreads in the kitchen with his grandmother at the age of four, and by the age of seven, he had traveled to India, Europe, South American, and Central America. His parents ingrained cultural experiences of food into their family from a young age, which has influenced his culinary flair and style. Nikhil’s goal with his Grayton Beach establishment is to foster a prosperous relationship between local farmers, fishermen, and the community. Mix this ideal with an up-close, open kitchen venue, and what do you get? A memorable farm-to and sea-to-table menu crafted right before your very eyes.

Among locals and tourists alike, Roux 30A has become well known for their International Dinners. The event, coined “Around the World,” happens two nights a month, and each month highlights cuisine from particular countries. Previously celebrated countries have included popular cuisines like China, India, and France. However, Nikhil has also tackled lesser-known cuisines like Lebanon, Ethiopia, and Chile. A typical Around the World meal features a 4 or 5-course prix fixe menu and flowing wine. These events almost always sell out, so it’s vital to make a reservation in advance to secure your spot and these exclusive and exciting tastings.

Interestingly enough, Chef Nikhil has reported that almost all of his business is referred by word of mouth, and 75% are locals. Roux 30A has seemed to remain one of South Walton’s best-kept secrets, but based on the ever-growing popularity of these international dinners, it may not be for long. Stay in one of our Grayton Beach vacation rentals and enjoy a taste of countries like Spain, Italy, and Japan without ever having to leave the beach!