Posted on 4/24/2019

How to Drive on Grayton Beach

Step into the secluded world of Grayton Beach located on Scenic Highway 30A. With its quirky historic village center and welcoming vibe, Grayton Beach is a world of its own. Happy energy radiates in the air and floats on the warm, coastal breezes. Adventurers may find a safe haven within the borders of Grayton Beach State Park and Western Lake. Artists feel right at home in the creative environment. But it is the pure stretch of crystalline beach that is the crowning glory of this unconventional, yet classic beach town.

There are many things that set Grayton Beach apart from the rest of 30A, but one aspect in particular is its beach driving privileges. This unique privilege provides (some) residents with an opportunity to appreciate their favorite beach in a different way! Of course, “driving on the beach” doesn’t actually refer to exploring the sandy expanse in your 4-wheel vehicle to your heart’s content. It really refers to the Grayton Beach access that allows those with beach driving permits to drive closer to the water, park in the sand, and enjoy the coast from up close.

Historically, beach driving permits were made available to all residents. In response to environmental concerns, however, the rules for driving on the beach have changed in recent years.

Now, Walton County holds a lottery for 150 one-year driving permits available to county residents. To apply for a permit, an individual must be a resident or property owner in Walton County. The Walton County Beach Activities Ordinance 2019-05 outlines the procedures for applying and receiving a permit to drive on the beach.

This lottery solution lessens continuous beach driving access, but still provides all residents with an equal opportunity to take part in this awesome opportunity. The lottery opens on April 1st each year, and the winners are posted online. Those selected have until June 30 to pay the $135 dollars for the one-year permit.

Some residents who have lived in the area for many years do not necessarily have to enter the lottery; rather they are grandfathered in, and they can apply for grandfathered permits to drive on the beach. Quite a perk for being a long-time resident!

While visitors and tourists cannot apply for the lottery, it is always fun to go visit Grayton Beach and see the cars parked there with individuals and families having a great time. You might even introduce yourself and make some new friends…or new neighbors! Of course, if you actually become a resident, you can join in the lottery fun.

If you have ever considered making Walton County your home – even just a little – shop for Grayton Beach real estate with our company. Who knows, you might find your new home, and then you are halfway to getting your own beach driving permit.

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