Hiking South Walton’s 30A

Hiking 30A

When you think about hiking, you probably imagine trekking through mountainous terrain, with peaks and valleys spread along the way. Mud and sodden leaves stick to your boots, aspens and pines tower high overhead, and scattered sunshine bursts through breaks in the branches. Hiking belongs in rugged and wild lands, not the relaxed atmosphere of the beach.

Usually, we do not think of the beach and hiking trails as going together. This is unfortunate oversight, as many coastal areas are home to hiking and nature trails that add to the tropical charm. Luckily, the best of both these worlds exists along South Walton’s 30A in Northwest Florida.

Situated along an expansive stretch of the Gulf Coast, 30A is known for its iconic coastal towns, snow-white beaches, and smooth waves. And rightly so. The beaches there are a popular tourist destination, and there are many who could spend days relaxing in this sandy paradise. Some visitors choose to take spend their time paddle boarding, kayaking, or simply swimming in the warm water. There are still other vacationers who love to stroll by the water’s edge, enjoying the views and basking in the coastal air.

For those who prefer a more secluded scene, however, there is another option. A large percentage of South Walton’s acreage is dedicated to conservation, making it easy for hikers to explore the untouched Florida landscape that consists of diverse vegetation, unique wildlife, and coastal dunes and dune lakes. The miles of hiking trails that wind through this picturesque landscape are perfect for nature lovers and hikers alike.

Some of these hiking trails include: Topsail Hill State Park Trail, Point Washington Trail, Greenway Trail, Grayton Trail, and Deer Lake Trail. Each of these offers a unique glimpse into the coastal biodiversity of South Walton. If hikers tread quietly in Point Washington State Park, they may come across endangered species like the gopher tortoise or the American kestrel. The Grayton Trail in Grayton Beach State Park, on the other hand, takes its visitors on an ambling route with views of rare coastal dune lakes. Creek Trail is an easy nature trail with some paved paths and bridges to help hikers on their way, while taking in the serene combination of wetlands, colorful fauna, and tree canopies.

These meandering trails surrounded by coastal landscapes appeal to all kinds of hikers, and what makes them even better is their close proximity to the coast. Hit the trails and then head to the beach, so that you can get your fill of both adventure and relaxation!

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