Golf Carts on 30A


What’s the best way to get around during a beach vacation? If you said golf cart, then you’d be correct! Not only are golf carts open on all sides, allowing you to feel the coastal breezes, they’re also way easier to park than a car. They’re environmentally friendly, and it’s easy to load up your beach gear into these open-air, low-speed vehicles. When you visit 30A, you’re likely to see lots of vacationers and locals cruising about in golf carts. And chances are, you’ll want one, too.

Before you go out and rent your own golf cart, though, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules. That way, you can have a safe and stress-free vacation without going to golf cart jail. Just kidding, that’s not a real thing. However, golf cart rule violations can result in a ticket, and you don’t want any kinks on your 30A vacation!

So, what’s the deal with golf carts on 30A? Where can you drive them, who can drive them, and what other regulations should you be aware of?

Golf carts are permitted on county-maintained roads, where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or lower. Now, some roads in South Walton are county-maintained, while others are privately maintained. Private roads adhere to their own set of regulations. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to know which kind of road you are on. Green street signs indicate a county-maintained road, while blue street signs indicate a private road.

The following 30A communities follow county regulations, so you can rent and drive a golf cart in these areas: Blue Mountain Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Grayton Beach, Inlet Beach, Seacrest Beach, and Seagrove Beach. Other private 30A communities have their own guidelines, meaning you may or may not be permitted to ride a golf cart. These include: Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seaside, WaterColor, and WaterSound. If renting a vacation home in any of these communities, check your golf cart rental company for specific golf cart rules.

In order to be street legal, your low-speed vehicle must be registered with license plates. It is also required to have seatbelts, headlights, taillights, turn signals, reflectors, a windshield, rearview mirror, and a parking brake. In other words, the golf cart must be safe for the streets!

Because golf carts don’t move at high speeds, you may be tempted to send your kids out to the beach on their own, while you and your honey take a break at the beach rental. Don’t do this! Golf carts are considered vehicles, and therefore, any driver must be at least 16-years-old and licensed. Some golf cart rental services may have different age restrictions, so make sure you’re aware of those as well.

It should go without saying, but you must follow all the rules of the road when driving a golf cart along 30A. This means following the speed limit, signs, and traffic signals. Additionally, while golf carts are permitted on county roads, they are not allowed on bike paths. These paths are reserved for walking, running, and biking.

When these rules are followed, we ensure a safe vacation environment for everyone.

Now that you have all the info to rent and operate a golf cart while on vacation safely, you might be wondering just where to go to rent one. Well, you’re in luck! Our partner companies offer street-legal golf carts with special discounts for our vacation guests. Electric Cart Company has both delivery and pick-up service available, while La Dolce Vita offers gas-powered vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries causing annoying delays. We also have two vacation homes that come with golf carts as part of your stay: The Azalea in Seagrove Beach and All Is Grayt in Grayton Beach. These are coveted properties (and not only because they offer golf carts), so you’ll want to book your stay here ASAP. Again, although most communities allow rented golf carts, some do not, so it is important to verify with a vacation specialist beforehand. Happy cruising!