Get Your 30A License Plate

30A License Plate

Florida residents and 30A enthusiasts—we have some awesome news for you! As of October 2021, 30A specialty license plates are now available for Florida motorists. How great is that?

Recently, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 676, which in part promotes the creation of the 30A license plate. If you’ve ever wanted to show off your love of South Walton’s sugar-white beaches and perfect emerald water, this is one way to do it. Once you get your plate, it will look perfect with your iconic 30A car sticker!

Not only does purchasing a plate share your love of 30A, but it also supports the upkeep and improvement of the best beaches in the world. Each license plate is $33. All proceeds go to the non-profit Scenic Walton, which focuses on maintaining and improving Walton County’s natural landscape, infrastructure, and safety. According to Leigh Moore, Scenic Walton’s Executive Director, the “money raised by the new tags will help promote beautification and safety projects throughout all of Walton County, not just along the beach.” The projects are meant to “enhance the quality of life for Walton County residents and visitors.” So, when you buy a plate, your dollars are definitely being put to good use.

As for the license plate’s design, Scenic Walton polled 30A fans on social media to select the final design, which features the 30A logo and the silhouette of Western Lake in the background. The design was created by Jake Meyer, a Gulf Coast native.

If you’re a Florida resident, you can now purchase a pre-sale voucher for the specialty license plate at any tax collector office or online here. In order for the State of Florida to begin manufacturing the car tag, at least 3,000 vouchers must be purchased. With all the love people have for 30A and its incredible beaches, we’re hoping that milestone will be an easy one!

Are you a Florida resident and want to support your favorite beach? Make sure to purchase your pre-sale voucher soon. As stated by The 30A Company’s Founder Mike Ragsdale, “Every person who buys an official State of Florida 30A license plate for their vehicles will help keep Walton County beautiful.” And boy, do we want to keep this amazing paradise destination beautiful—for all of us and for future generations to enjoy!

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