Posted on 7/27/2022

Crafted at Alys Beach

It’s no secret that 30A is a hotspot of talent and creativity that makes it a popular vacation destination for people around the world. From crafted beverages, culinary creations, and unique art, the 30A experience is one of a kind. Crafted at Alys Beach is a way to honor this melting pot of craftsmen, creators, and makers. Craftsmen, artisans, distillers, brewers, mixologists, and chefs from around the country will come together to share the story of their craft. This new gathering is a great way to celebrate these accomplished craftsmen and their work—as well as pick up some tips, tricks, and insight into the creative process!

Crafted is a two-day festival scheduled for October 22 and 23, 2022. These include a Makers Market, Firkin Fête, and several spirited seminars featuring renowned mixologists in the industry. All proceeds from this event will support Food for Thought, a local Walton County non-profit organization. Food for Thought provides access to food for children in need to remove the negative impacts of hunger and empower child development and education through access to nutritional meals.

Tickets are available online. Whether you want to attend one event or multiple, you can find tickets for each on the Crafted website. Check out the following events to see which one(s) you’d be most interested in!

Makers Market

The Makers Market at Alys Beach Amphitheater will feature carefully selected artisans that will share their work, craft, and inspiration. Their products will be available for purchase, so you can browse and buy to your heart’s content. The market will also have live music and refreshments, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere that is quintessential to this slice of paradise. It is free to the public and will take place on both Friday, October 21 (3pm-6pm) and Saturday, October 22 (12pm-4pm).

Firkin Fête

The inaugural Firkin Fête in 2019 is the event that started it all and sparked the idea for the Crafted festival. Firkin Fête is an incredible and unique tasting experience featuring firkins of beers from local breweries. Participants include brewers from Props Brewery (FL), Red Clay Brewing Co. (AL), Kimball House (GA), DEEP Brewing Co. (FL), Idyll Hounds Brewing Company (FL), and Grayton Beer Company (FL). Firkins are 11-gallon kegs that will be tapped for this event. The fun part about Firkin Fête is that no one (not even the brewers) knows exactly what the final product will taste like. Surprise! To add to the experience, there will be live music and culinary delights from regional chefs (The Perfect Pig and Black Bear Bread Co.). Firkin Fête will take place at Kelly Green on Friday, October 21, from 6:30pm to 9pm. Tickets are $175.

Spirited Seminars: The Fords Gin Seminar

Connect with Miles Macquarrie (Kimball House) and Neal Bodenheimer (Cure) at the Fords of Gin Seminar. These mixologists will show off their products and share why bartenders love them. This seminar will be held at Papilio Park on Saturday, October 22, from 11am-1pm. Tickets are $150.

Spirited Seminars: Whoa! Low & No

This tropical cocktail session will share their expertise in impressing your guests by understanding their cocktail preferences. The hosts will take you through the preparation and process of mixing the cocktails with the “Whoa, Low, and No” alcohol by volume method. Next time you have guests over, you’ll be able to show off your new skills! This seminar will take place on the Gulf Green on Saturday, October 22, from 11am-1pm. Tickets are $150.

Spirited Seminars: Taste Like a Pro

It’s no secret that you’ll learn how to Taste Like a Pro at this cool seminar. The expert hosts of this seminar will impart their knowledge to participants, leaving you with a greater knowledge of the components of tasting by the end of the session. This seminar will take place at Arboleda Park on Saturday, October 22, from 11am-1pm. Tickets are $150.

Spirited Seminars: Garden to Glass

At the Garden to Glass Seminar, Stephanie Saputo and Keyatta Mincey Parker of Sip of Paradise Garden (Atlanta, GA) will guide you in making fresh cocktails—with ingredients from your own garden! Definitely, a skill worth having, if you ask us. This seminar will be held at Cherry Tree Park on Saturday, October 22, from 11am-1pm. Tickets are $150.

Spirited Seminars: Spirited Soirée

If all this awesomeness isn’t enough, there’s still more to enjoy at the Crafted festival. Join us for the Spirited Soirée on Saturday afternoon, where mixologists have been paired with local distilleries to create the perfect cocktail. As guests, you will get to taste the spirits and cocktails and learn about the process and inspiration behind each pairing. To top it off, culinary teams will also provide mouthwatering bites and refreshments. The Spirited Soirée will occur at the North Pedestrian Path on Saturday, October 22, from 3pm-6pm. Tickets are $300.

Are you excited about this new, exciting event? We are, too! Crafted at Alys Beach is bound to be a good time for both locals and vacationers. If you haven’t yet booked your fall vacation to 30A, don’t delay! Browse our properties and reserve your stay soon. And be sure to grab your Crafted tickets while you’re at it!

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