Posted on 5/13/2020

30A Farmers Markets

People come to the beach to relax. Fried seafood, beer, and bbq sound so good and taste great, but won't give you the stamina you'll need to see that sunrise over Western Lake, from your paddleboard. When you fuel up with local grass-fed beef, poultry, and organic vegetables, you quite simply get more out of your time here by the beach. Eating clean while on vacation used to be a total hassle, but over the past few years, local 30A farmers' markets have sprung up all along our famed scenic highway.

Saturday mornings on the beach are lit with a plethora of local purveyors. Here you'll find Farm Fresh Whole Chickens and Eggs, Tupelo Honey, Hydroponic Lettuce, Microgreens, Mushrooms, Goats Milk, and Cheese. There are also Homemade Breads, including Focaccia, Rosemary Round, pastries, and pies. And Jars, Jams, Jellies, Pickled Veggies, Pickles, Pesto, Salsa, Tuna and Shrimp Dip, Maryland Crab Cakes and (breathing) too much more to mention. So make your Saturday along the shore, special and memorable, buy local and enjoy at these three robust 30A Famers Markets!

Rosemary Beach Community Farmers Market

28 N Barrett Square • Saturday 9 am to 1 pm

Finished in a unique Dutch West Indies style, the town of Rosemary Beach is the communal epicenter of East 30A. Fitting then, that it should be the location of the first market on our list. The Rosemary farmers market is held in the quaint, tree-lined center of town known as Barret Square. A bevy of hot food vendors as well as produce, meats, and cheese vendors abound. You're sure to find something unforgettable and unique every time you visit. Fill your bicycle basket with tasty treats and take in the view!

Seaside Farmers Market

Central Square • Saturday 9 am to 1 pm

If the Emerald Coast were a tiara, surely Seaside would be the crown jewel. The classic American beach town serves up the new old fashion American Farmers Market! Here soaps are peddled along side fresh produce and delectable delights. Children frolic in the amphitheater green as live music echoes off of the brightly colored buildings. Vendor tents line Central Square, and everyone is having a picture-perfect time in this quaint, architecturally significant space.

Grand Boulevard Farmers' Market

600 Grand Boulevard • Saturday 9 am to 1 pm

The Grand Boulevard Farmers' Market takes place in the large green at Grand Boulevard in Sandestin. This market is a joy to attend. Presented over a canvas of upscale retail, the simple products, honey, oils, produce, and candles just have such a refreshing feel here. You'll love the open-air feel of the boulevard. Just a few short steps away from the beautiful shaded sidewalks of Sandestin, it would truly be a shame not to pick up a lunch to two and have a picnic if time allows. A market not to be missed.

So there you have it, lay off the Chick-a-Filet and What-a-burger and try something fresh, green and straight from mother earth, at these great local markets. When you are ready to prepare the bounty that you've amassed, Rivard by Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals offers a cornucopia of kitchens to choose from in vacation rentals along 30A. Each one is just minutes from one of these great 30A Farmers Markets!

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