Top Reasons to Go to 30A

South Walton is one of the most unique areas in the world. It is where an incredible stretch of the Gulf Coast meets multiple towns, each offering their own distinct character. The beach is amazing, but there are far more things to love about a vacation to Highway 30A. While everyone has a different aspect of this amazing community that they love the most, the following are some of the unanimous top reasons to go to 30A.

This One is Easy: The Beach

It is a simple answer, but it is agreed upon by visitors with resounding harmony. It all starts with the amazing water, which you can always count on being warm enough for a pleasant swim, snorkeling session, kayak, boat ride, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Not only does it feel amazing and offer endless recreation, it looks beautiful as well! This water ranges from a deep emerald green to crystal clear blue, offering one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see. But you do not even have to get a toe wet in order to enjoy the beaches here, as simply sinking your toes in the sand provides the relaxing environment you need to rejuvenate yourself on vacation.

It is Arguably the Most Welcoming Beach Town in the Country

Have you ever visited a cool place and the locals seemed to have a sort of mild disdain for visitors? Well, whether that feeling is warranted or not elsewhere, you can be sure that you will not get this feeling here. The second reason to go to 30A is that on the first day of the trip, you will already feel as if you are a part of this amazing community. Beyond a friendly environment in each and every town you visit on 30A, you can also enjoy amazing restaurants that strive to make you feel like part of the family, endless events where locals and visitors come together, and a lack of national chains that have been replaced with stores run by the families of the community.

You are Never Far from Anything

30A sits on a strip of land in the Gulf of Mexico, so wherever you find yourself, you are never far from all of the greatest aspects of the area. The beach is always a short ride away, amazing, local restaurants and bars constantly surround you, and you can never escape the laid-back beach lifestyle that everyone here takes to heart. It is so easy to get around for a bit to eat, a drink to drink, or for a place from which you can admire some of Mother Nature’s finest work.

What is amazing about 30A is that a trip here means a little something different to everyone who comes. Of course, everyone loves the beach, but there are so many layers to this place and community, each person finds something different to value here. Make your next trip a 30A trip and find your own personal paradise in one of our 30A rental cottages!