Saczynski Gallery Grayton Beach

Andy Saczynski Grayton

If you have ever been to Grayton Beach, you are familiar with the funky vibe and laid-back atmosphere that rolls on the waves of this 30A beach town. It is this free-spirited attitude that has drawn artists to the area and inspired them to share their work with the locals and visitors. Places like the Zoo Gallery, Mary Hong Studio, Modus Photography, and the Saczynski Gallery are part of what make Grayton Beach unique.

Are you planning a trip to Grayton Beach soon? Do you love creative art made using unique materials? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you must visit the Saczynski Gallery!

Andy Saczynski is a talented artist with a knack for combining different mediums to create something new and beautiful. When looking at Saczynski’s art, it is easy to see that his style integrates attributes from cubism and folk art. He pulls inspiration from music and wildlife, particularly the coastal landscape of Northwest Florida. Much of his work is made with house paint, recycled and repurposed materials, and reclaimed wood. He even has a piece in his gallery called “Poncho” that incorporates recycled piano keys. Saczynski also plays with abstract paintings, enjoying how the painting process directs the way to the final product. Since he began his journey in 2005, he has created over a thousand original art pieces.

Many have been captivated by Saczynski’s unique work. He has won multiple awards, including the Hottest Artist on 30A, Best Local Artist, Artist of the Year in South Walton, and many more. His work has been featured in magazines such as Souvenir Magazine, VIE Magazine, New York Magazine, Memphis Magazine, and more than a dozen others. Not only does Saczynski’s art inspire visitors of the gallery, but also young artists. In 2018, art students from Mary B. Austin Elementary School participated in a fundraiser, in which students explored Andy’s artwork and style, and then created their own versions of his art style using what they had learned. It is always fun to see how someone’s art can motivate others to explore their own artistic talents!

Head on down to the gallery in Grayton Beach to discover Saczynski’s skill.

You will see pieces like “Harmony”, which features a guitar and musical elements. It was made using layered wood, wire, and reclaimed wood. Another of his originals is called “Howie”, which was made in the outsider art style with layered wood on metal. “Loving Turtle” appears to have been inspired by the local beach wildlife, and was created using paint on layered wood. As you stroll through the gallery, you are sure to find yourself lost in an artistic land of unique and beautiful storytelling. You will notice how Saczynski has brought simple materials to life with his eye, talent, and precision.

Truly, nothing beats seeing Saczynski’s work in person. If you are vacationing on 30A, be sure to put Andy Saczysnki’s gallery on your to-visit list. After lounging on the beach, it is the perfect way to unwind and explore something different and out of this world.