The Red Bar is Open!


The Red Bar in Grayton Beach is back and open for business!

After a devastating fire in February 2019, in which the restaurant was completely destroyed, heroic efforts were made to restore the beloved restaurant. The new Red Bar launched on July 15, 2020, and it’s no exaggeration to say that people were stoked!

For years, the Red Bar has been a place where old friends meet, and new friends are made. The vibrant and laidback atmosphere has always provided a place to let loose and relax. The combination of great food, good drinks, live music, amazing staff, and friendly customers is what brought people back night after night and year after year.

The time that the Red Bar was closed for reconstruction certainly impacted the owners, staff, and customers. But throughout it all, the rebuild efforts have garnered nothing but support. And all the hard work and waiting have finally paid off!

At the announcement of the soft opening on July 14 and the grand opening on July 15, customers bombarded the Facebook post with excited comments. Some looked forward to grabbing their favorite dishes, saying things like, “So excited! Can’t wait to come for my favorite mojitos and grouper fingers,” and “Yay! Looks grayt and can’t wait to get my favorite key lime pie next time we are down there.” Others were impressed with how much the new restaurant looks like the original, saying, “It is unbelievable how close to the old place it looks! Amazing work, you all,” and “Wow!! Looks awesome! Like stepping back in time to the original Red Bar! Thank you.” Another commenter is a long-time customer who exclaimed, “Yay! We have celebrated so many anniversaries there over the years. Will be down mid-August celebrating the big “50th” anniversary!!! So glad y’all are going to be open!!”

Stepping into the new Red Bar, it’s like nothing ever happened. The owners took great care to rebuild in the same location, ensuring the charm and personality that drew its devoted customers was restored to its zenith. In this, they succeeded!

Long-time customers even claimed that it’s exactly the same as it was before it burned down. Renee Jaquess said, “Our family has been coming here for so long, and to have it re-open and have the same feel it’s just one of those things, you walk in and you’re like oh this is the same Red Bar, you kind of forget that it actually did burn down.”

In a Facebook post on July 19, the Red Bar expressed its gratitude for the community’s love and support, and stated that the Red Bar family and staff is overwhelmed with joy by “the many expressions of support such as flowers, gifts, notes, phone calls, emails.”

Now that the Red Bar is back up and running, it is time to show some love for your favorite local restaurant and bar! It is open every day from 11 am-3 pm for lunch and 4:30 pm-10 pm for dinner. Enjoy the iconic, eclectic décor, soak up the funky vibe, listen to live music, chat with friends and family, and chow down on your go-to Red Bar meals. The simple, yet varied menu, includes dining options for everyone – from blackened grouper, manicotti, crab cakes, baked eggplant, seafood gumbo, and more. And don’t forget to quench your thirst with a refreshing drink. Choose from a range of options, including mimosas, cold draft beer, red and white wine, and basically anything else that tickles your fancy.

Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, be sure to drop by the Red Bar in Grayton Beach soon!