Posted on 10/7/2020

Nice Dogs, Strange People

“Nice Dogs, Strange People” is the unofficial slogan of the one-and-only Grayton Beach just off Scenic Highway 30A. And boy, doesn’t that sum up this artsy beach town!

Grayton Beach is full of laid-back, artsy individuals passionate about their community and ensuring it maintains its unique character. With many pet-friendly joints in the area, your furry canine friends are also more than welcome to join your vacation adventures. Dogs used to roam freely about the sugar-coated beaches, and while they are still allowed to frolic in the area, they are required to wear tags and a leash, and are no longer permitted on the beach without property ownership.

While eclectic folk and friendly pups have always seemed a cornerstone of this funky beach village, it wasn’t until the 90s that the unofficial slogan was born. Over the years, the citizens of Grayton Beach were known for being impassioned advocates for their casual way of life. Despite attempted large-scale developments in the beach community, locals fought back, preserving the laidback, small-town atmosphere. Dogs played a significant part in the town’s charm, particularly in the 90s, which was a leash-free era that allowed them to galivant through Grayton Beach as though they owned the place. They would greet locals, play with their fellow fur buddies, and simply wander the streets careless and free.

At the time, a local artist who owned an art shop in Grayton Beach decided to pay homage to the sociable pups. She attached a board to her shop titled, “The Dogs of Grayton Beach,” which was painted by local artists. After she moved her shop, the original developers of The Shops of Grayton found it an alley. Thinking it had been abandoned, they hung in the Shops of Grayton; although, it was later reclaimed by the original owner. Because the mural embodied the spirit of Grayton, locals were sad to see it go. So, a new mural called “The New Dogs of Grayton” was later created to keep that spirit alive. Over the years, local dog owners have been invited to add their own furry friends to the mural. Once these beloved pets have crossed over the bridge, so to speak, a halo is added to their painting as a way to honor and remember them. If you care to, you’ll be able to count over 150 dogs on the mural that have left their (paw) mark on this historic town. Their happy spirits will forever roam the relaxed community, and it’s safe to say that the “strange” people of this Grayton Beach love their dogs!

If you love passionate people, nice dogs, and artsy vibes, it’s safe to say you’ll love this unconventional and easy-going neighborhood because Grayton Beach has all this and more. It’s not uncommon to come across locals who are proud and enthusiastic about their home. Unique art shops, galleries, and boutiques show off the creative talent of the residents. And you likely won’t go a day without seeing at least one pup roaming the town with its human pet in tow!

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