Posted on 4/8/2020

Grayton Beach Take Out

After a long day on the sand in Grayton Beach, sun-kissed and salted, you can work up quite a surprising appetite doing almost nothing. The old standby is to simply come home, clean up, and head out to dinner. There's quite a lot to going out, like picking the right place, parking, and the wait. It's a bit of a hullabaloo, what with exotic beach cocktails, your choice of fried Bay or Gulf shrimp, Grouper or steak, and, heaven knows - it can be so enjoyable. Really nothing better right? Well, think again. What if you could just skip all the mumbo jumbo and get right to the food, no shower, no waiting, just eating. This isn't rocket surgery people, cocktail shrimp, and rum drinks kind of do pair well with a wet bathing suit, on the beach, or by the pool. So in this roundabout way, we've come to the subject matter of this fine travel blog, five delectable, Grayton Beach dine-out (aka take-out) options. They are in order of closest to farthest to the beach, but all are worth the walk. Despite what your mom might have told you, great things can happen when you find food, pick it up, and eat it.


What started as a whisper a few years back has turned into a scream. Right on Holts Ave, just across the street from a bar you may have heard of that is red, we find the lovable Chiringo. Sure it's the most walkable from the beach and features a delicious menu of to-go fried treats, salads, and tropical drinks (try the Billy Ocean), but what makes this place special is the vibe. Inside and out, Chiringo is just a cool space that makes you feel like you are in a movie. There's the chill patio, open 24-hrs a day (lol), and the walk-up window bar. This place is lively, and so is the menu, the karaoke on Saturday night may tempt you to stay a bit longer, but resist, and read on. 

AJs Grayton Beach

Heading north on the main drag, aka County Road 283, and just before you come to 30A is AJs Grayton. Just like its big brother on the Destin Harbor, AJs is hands down the hottest place to come after dark for music, dancing, and, yes, food! One word, oysters. Giant, fresh, bet-you-can't-eat-just-a-dozen, oysters. There's a full menu of year-round favorites and obviously the daily catch - what with several other locations in the area, AJs offers the best selection in the bunch. Again don't be lured in with the rocking tunes and wall to wall bodies on the dance floor, must, move, on, (those are Shatner commas). 

Chanticleer Eatery

Here we have the most authentic, most organic, and the most rest-au-ranty, restaurant herein, the Chanticleer Eatery. Just a block north of 30A, and a wee bit off the west side of County Rd 283, you'll find this magical place. The to-go menu here is, I just have to say, remarkable. It reads more like a Southern cookbook. Every item is so carefully described, your mouth will be watering, it's a feel-good, taste-good read. Take home Jambalaya to your betrothed, and she will keep sending you back for more. 

Black Bear Bread Co. 

Not more than two blocks up 283, in the Shops of Grayton, you'll find the new-ish kid on the block, Black Bear Bread Co. It's a collaborative concept eatery from the minds of chef/proprietor Phil McDonald and proprietor Dave Rauschkolb in collaboration with Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Fresh, farm-to-table, or in this case farm to-go : ) flavors, with great coffee and of course cold beer and wine for the road, make Black Bear a great stop off to pick up. 

Grayton Seafood 

Tucked away in a shady corner of Uptown Grayton on the south side of 30a, just east of 283, you'll find one of Grayton's secret gems, the little seafood place that could. Grayton Seafood has made a name for itself in the local market as a great place for take-out. The ambiance is cozy and really plays off the underwater theme. The to-go menu is really delicious, but honestly, you need to pick a Daily Special as this magical little place gets fresh fish from Destin + Panama City – you can just taste the Grayton flavor in every bite. 

Grayton Beach offers so many great places to get to-go, there's a good chance you'll be looking for a place to go to eat all that take-out … that's where we come in. Rivard by Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals offers a wealth of Grayton Beach accommodations to choose from, almost, but not quite as numerous as these eateries…

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