Flying to 30A


Scenic Highway 30A is located in the panhandle of Florida right in between Destin and Panama City Beach. This 19 mile stretch of beach is primarily known for its sparkling emerald water and crystal white sand. Drawing in thousands of tourists every year, it only takes one visit to this special spot to leave you impatiently waiting to return again season after season. If driving to the area isn’t an option for you, don’t worry! There are a few airports in the area that you can fly into instead.

Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport 

The Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS) is located just 20 minutes from Destin and offers over 50 flights a day to major transportation hubs in over 20 cities. This airport offers flights from American, Delta, United, and Allegiant. Only about 30 miles to the Western starting point of Highway 30A this airport is convenient and close. Though it is small (compared to big city standards), it serves over 800,000 passengers a year and is a great, usually low cost, option if you’re looking to fly into the area.

Destin Executive Airport

If you own or care to charter a private plane, you can fly into Destin Executive Airport. If you don’t have a private plane, but you’re traveling from or willing to connect in Memphis, TN you’re in luck because Southern Airways Express does offer a few passenger flights into the Destin Executive Airport. This airport has a 5,000-foot runway and offers comfortable amenities for pilots and passengers.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

Located in Panama City Beach, occasionally due to traffic, the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) is a better choice when deciding to travel to scenic Highway 30A. The airport is located about 20 miles East from where Highway 30A begins in Rosemary Beach. A small airport comprised of only 5 or so gates, this airport does more business than one might think! It offers non stop flights to 8 major destinations that provide connections to the rest of the nation and world from major airlines including American, Delta, Southwest, and United.

While these airports are probably on the small side compared to what you may be used to, they still offer all the amenities you come to expect while traveling. If you don’t feel like renting a car, plenty of ground transportation options are available. You can get an Uber, or call a taxi from Sunshine Shuttle or 30A Airport Shuttle and soon you will be relaxing in your luxury 30A vacation rental. Luckily all of these airports are conveniently located to have you on the beach in no time!