Pet-Friendly Activities on 30A

The beaches of South Walton and 30A are famous for their pristine beauty, vibrant arts and culture scenes, fun nightlife, and for having an abundance of family- and pet-friendly activities in 30A for you to enjoy. Bring your pet along on your trip to 30A and check out some of the cool places and things to do on our list below!

Pet-Friendly Activities in 30A

Unless you are a permit-holding resident or property owner in the South Walton area, the unfortunate reality is that your dog will not be allowed on the beach. However, there are still a ton of other fun activities and places around that you and your pet will enjoy!


Take your dog with you to one of the many pet-friendly 30A Florida restaurants in the area, such as The Craft Bar 30A, Local Catch Bar & Grill, and Great Southern Café. These restaurants are known for being particularly pet-friendly, but most restaurants with outdoor seating will allow dogs as well, including Old Florida Fish House, Marie’s Bistro & Barside, Grayton Seafood Co., The Red Bar, and more.


You can buy your dog a treat, toy, collar, or leash from one of the local pet stores, such as Bow Wow Meow or Furry Fanatics, then take them to The Bark Park Santa Rosa Beach or Alaqua Unleashed dog park where they can run around off-leash in a secure environment. There are also extensive hiking and biking trails in nearby state parks like Grayton Beach State Park, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, and Point Washington State Forest. The beaches at these parks, however, are off-limits to dogs.


If you still feel like your dog is missing out on the experience of the water, you can take them to one of the many coastal dune lakes in the area, such as Campbell Lake, Western Lake, Camp Creek Lake, or Eastern Lake, and take them boating, canoeing, or stand-up paddleboarding.


Places like Baytowne Wharf and Seaside, which have plenty of outdoor space, sidewalks, and often host events outside, also allow leashed dogs.


Should you need to have someone watch your dog while you go somewhere less pet-friendly, services like 30A Pet Concierge will watch your dog, take it for a walk, and take it for bathroom breaks.