Bow Wow Meow

What started as a passion project between a husband, wife, and their rescue dog Buddy quickly turned into the premier pet shop in the pet-friendly beachside community of “30-A” in Seagrove Beach, FL. Opened in 2010, Bow Wow Meow Pet Company is now the leading provider of holistic pet foods and put supplies in the area, offering everything your furry friend needs during your visit to sunny 30-A.

Their Story

Frequent visitors to the area, the owners of Bow Wow Meow hatched the idea of a specialty pet company in Seagrove Beach after taking a deeper interest in what they were feeding their beloved dog, Buddy. After embracing the switch to a healthier diet, they realized there was no means of getting Buddy’s new holistic dog food in 30-A (the name given to the beautiful string of beaches that line Highway 30-A between Destin and Panama Beach), an otherwise pet-friendly beach town. So, they packed up their life in Atlanta and moved to Florida to open the area’s #1 Pet Company. The rest, as they say, is their-story.

Dog Days of Summer

Bow Wow Meow Pet Company features everything you and your pet need to make the most of your vacation or visit to 30-A. From a wide selection of holistic dog and cat food to toys to rental crates (saving you the space from packing your own pet carrier on your drive down), Bow Wow Meow might just take the title of “man’s best friend’s best friend.” The store is happy to provide a suite of pet services and gear, from bathing products to canine life vests to leashes. There is a wide selection of natural pre-packaged pet treats, plus there is even a Dog Bakery ( on site offering the freshest and healthiest treats for your pup.


If your animal companion is in need of a wash, the store alsooffers two private self-serve washing rooms with stainless-steel tubs that have a roll away ramp and door to help get your dog into the tub, perfect for dogs big or small. In addition, there is a wide of pet shampoos, professional grooming tools, and 2-speed air dryers – everything you need to make bathing your dog a breeze.


Bow Wow Meow welcomes you to stop in and find out more about switching your pet to a healthier, natural pet food. You and your pet will enjoy browsing the selection of toys and treats, and the friendly staff always love making new two- and four-legged friends.