30A Tourist Spots

Seeing as how 30A has been a haven for visitors since its early settlement, it’s only natural that there are a few must-see spots that all tourists need to see during their time here. Read on below to learn more!

Things To Do In 30A

One of the best tourist spots along 30A isn’t actually a “spot” so much as a trail—the Timpoochee Trail! Running the entire length of the Scenic 30A, this nineteen-mile paved bike path is the ultimate way to see the sights of the area while getting a great and fun workout! Observe rare coastal dunes, local wildlife, and unique scenery. Point Washington State Forest has the Eastern Lake Trail, where bike riders can take loops spanning three, five, or ten miles. Bike rental shops are plentiful along 30A, so biking is a fantastic option!


Found in only four countries in the entire world (including Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, and the United States), the coastal dune lakes that grace 30A are truly one-of-a-kind. In fact, 30A is home to a total of fifteen coastal dune lakes that are believed to be ten thousand years old, and range from deep to as shallow as five feet. Luckily, people are allowed to kayak and fish on these lakes, which also attract a beautiful array of wildlife. Lake Powell, Deer Lake, Draper Lake, Campbell Lake, and Oyster Lake are just a handful of the many coastal dune lakes you’ll find here.


Similarly enrapturing with its picturesque scenery, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is another wonderful locale worth visiting during your time along 30A. The coastal dunes here are about twenty-five feet high, and the beach spans about three miles long. You can see rare and endangered species here, such as the Choctawhatchee beach mouse.


Seaside, Florida is a 30A town whose claim to fame comes from Hollywood itself. Known for its charming appearance, Seaside served as the set for the famous Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show. Enjoy adorable boutiques and art galleries, cobblestone roads, white picket fences, and more in this picture-perfect town.


Finally, a trip to 30A isn’t complete without visiting the famous Red Bar in Grayton Beach. The ultimate nightlife spot along 30A, the lively atmosphere, delicious menu, quality cocktails, and live music make this spot a “can’t-miss” destination.