30A Brewery Tours

Nothing pairs with the beach quite like an ice-cold beer—especially if that beer is a craft microbrew made by local brewers! Read on below to learn more about where to go for tours of the best breweries on 30A.

30A Brewery

A number of reputable microbreweries choose to make their home along 30A, which works out rather nicely for visitors with a bent for craft beer.


Situated in Santa Rosa Beach’s beautiful white sand landscape, Idyll Hounds Brewing Company provides a wide range of beers suited to varying tastes and alcohol preferences, such as the Divide & Conch’r Imperial IPA for those who love the tangy taste of hops. The brewery is also located next to Buddy’s Seafood, where patrons can grab an oyster or two to pair with their delectable brews.


Grayton Beer Company is another fantastic choice for your brewery excursion. A small, family-owned brewery, Grayton Beer Company has a phenomenal selection of craft beers that has even gained national popularity through its flagship beer, the 30A Beach Blonde Ale.


Housed within unique digs that draw on the founders’ love of custom paint jobs and motorcycles, Growler Garage is an extraordinary spot to grab your craft beer and head to the beach with their custom beach-friendly growlers. While Growler Garage is not a brewery in and of itself, it does house some of the best microbrews made on 30A and beyond.


Grayton Beer Brewpub, located in Grayton Beach, has an unbelievable selection of craft beers that encompasses porters, nitros, stouts, Belgian Dubbels, IPAs of all types, saisons, brown ales, farmhouse ales, and more. Grayton Beer Brewpub has over 15 beers on tap, in addition to wine and craft cocktails.